Salt Lake County 2008-2009

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Salt Lake County Real Estate sold 300 more homes in 2009 than in 2008. Average prices decreased $20,000 and median sold price decreased about $13,000.

About 80 less Salt Lake County Condos sold in 2009. Prices also declined but only slightly. Inventory is quite high at 11 months.

Cottonwood Heights homes: The number of homes sold decreased 12%. Median sold price decreased from $290,000 to $263,500. Today’s median listed price is close to $300,000.

Draper homes: Home sales almost increased by one quarter while median and average sold prices dropped close to 10%. Median home prices are $100,000-$200,000 higher than sold prices in several other cities in the county.

Herriman homes: Herriman experienced the largest percentage increase in number of homes sold from 2008-2009. Sold price dropped over 10% from the 300’s to the 200’s.

Holladay homes: Holladay was the only city to actually see average sold price increase. Median price decreased, but only by about 2%. There are several multi-million dollar homes as average listed price is almost one million dollars.

Kearns homes: Numbers all slipped by over 10% in Kearns. Median and average sold price were both in the mid 100’s and current prices are only about 1% higher than that.

Magna homes: Magna also saw numbers fall by over 10%. Current listed price is actually about 2% lower than median sold price in 2009. With inventory close to 9 months, buyers appear to still be in control.

Midvale homes: The number of homes sold stayed about the same in Midvale as median price decreased 9% to $195,000 and average sold price decreased 9% to $201,083. Active median home price is $209,900

Murray homes: Average and median sold price both went down about $10,000. The number of houses sold also decreased a small percentage and slipped from 221 to 208.

Riverton homes: While the number of homes sold increased 6.63% from 347 to 370, median and average sold price decreased about that same percentage. Median prices are in the high 200’s.

Salt Lake City homes: Houses sold was almost exactly the same in 2009 as it was in 2008. Sold price in 2009 was lower by about $15,000-$25,000. About one quarter of the county’s active listings can be found in Salt Lake City.

Sandy homes: Median sold price decreased $20,000 as average sold price decreased over $30,000. Lower prices may have been the cause of a 10% increase in home sales.

South Jordan homes: Homes sold in South Jordan increased 15% to 566. Median price fell from the mid 300’s to the low 300’s and average price fell 13.5% to $330,321. Inventory is one of the highest in the county at 9.63 months.

Taylorsville homes: Numbers slightly decreased across the board as home sales slipped 3.8%, median price decreased 4.74% and average sold price went down 5.76%. Median listed price is very close to median sold price from 2009.

West Jordan homes: A 3% decrease brought West Jordan sales from just over 1,000 to just under 900. Sold prices slipped to the lower $200,000 range.

West Valley City homes: While numbers only slightly decreased 2.5%, median and average sold price both dropped by just over $20,000.…